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I guess the hard work paid off...

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Not only are we all pleased and delighted at your success, but you serve as a great example to your fellow young teenagers that sticking to something, perseverance and determination will help you achieve all your dreams and goals.

I have to say, though, Donn did say it all- believe in yourself. Any one of us is perfectly capable of winning anything; all of us are capable of improving ourselves- not just in modeling, but in life in general.

Great job, Andy! You make us all proud for what you've done.

Charlie Larkin

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Hey Andy! Im a fellow Indiana Teenage model builder! Congrats! Always glad to see an indiana native thats my age go on and win something that i can only dream of! I didnt get entered into this one on account of not having anything to build and working on my fourwheeler, but once again congrats! looking forward to the prizes that you get when you recieve them!!!

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Thanks all :D

Liam, I'm afraid I screwed the paint up on the rear cowl too. I swear, the rear cowl on that car is cursed :angry:

Strip it and paint it again ! Spoilers , rear cowls , etc , bring something different to the table due to their configuration and or shape . Light mist coats will get you where you want to be !

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