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remove scratches from clear plastic.

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I recently bought a few obsolete kits off of E-bay for a great price, but I noticed some scratches on the glass. Nothing major, just the result of being loose in the box for many a year. One piece was a quarter window. Since it was small I used the sandpaper technique. Going from 400, 600, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000, to 12000 grit, alternating up/down, left/right between grits I finished with Novus 2 and got great results.

My question though has to do with a windshield. It's got a faint set scratches about a quarter inch long smack dab in the middle. The rest of the glass is perfect. Do I have to sand the entire surface to get this eyesore out or will staying localized to the scratch do the trick. Are there any cheats or products that will make the process easier?

The sandpaper method worked for me, but Im concerned that doing a whole windshield that way increases my chances of really botching it up. (the glass looks scary during the 600 to 4000 sessions!) Never mind the time that must be involved.

Oh, I tried using toothpaste after a search of this site, but the offending marks in question a just a hair too deep.

Thanks in advance.

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With the scratches not being deep, I suggest starting with 2400 or 3600 grit and working up from there. I would try to work in the area with the scratches. If your sanding moves beyond, just move up to the next higher grit and expand the sanding area.

I got a glob of glue on the “glass” and used this method. I finish with Meguires scratch out. It looked fine afterwards. I had to put the Meguires on a few times.

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