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well; i've eaten alligator now.

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and, as far as i'm concerned... i'll pass the plate from now on. if i have to kill one to eat during the Zombie Apocalypse, so be it... but for now, they're safe from my kitchen utensils.

i've had black bear, squirrel, rabbit.... and now gator. bear was good but i won't go hunting one for supper.

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Gator tail can be quite chewy, So...

1. Take the meat and pound the heck out of it with either a tenderizing mallet or a tenderizing spike tool. A fork can work. Take your chances with a more chunky cut of meat.

2. Coat it with a dry rub of salt, pepper and Old Bay, or a Cajun mixed spice (Tony Chachere's is good, and Zatarain's is okay). Rub in, let sit for a couple of hours or overnight.

3. When ready to cook, coat it with flour, then dip into beaten egg, then bread crumbs or Panko. (Classic deep fry recipe - coat with dry, then wet, then dry).

4. Sizzle in very hot peanut or vegetable oil until golden on both sides.

Works with either tartar sauce, Louisiana red sauce or cook it like hot wings.

In the end you won't know what Gator tail really tastes like unless you cut it into strips and simply use a calamari recipe.

This recipe also works with pork chops and chicken breast.

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it literally had no taste of it's own. all the recipes i read called for spices which create any flavor desired in the combinations given, but as far as i'm concerned gator is down there below store brand chicken. i'd rather have a nice mess of catfish nuggets fried up in House Autry meal, or a rare sirloin and a baked potato, both less expensive than gator.

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Guest Johnny

Most that have eaten it have never really tasted it as 99% of the time it is so doctored up.

It is an aquired taste. One that I will not aquire! :lol:

Now Rattler is another story! :)

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Jeeze guys.......

If you eat gator at dining place (nuggets in particular) you're getting chunks of dark leg meat etc. Not cool....it tends to be tough and muddy tasting...sort of like big catfish.

I hunt, fish and will only take what I'm going to dress and eat, period.

Gator tail, as far as I'm concerned is the only part of the gator that goes in my face. It's a lighter meat and not nearly as "gamey"....fried of course!

Turtle is the same way.......there are about 5 different textures & flavors in a turtle, some do indeed taste like chicken, others are only suitable for soup or stew.

I do all the cooking at my digs (another one of my hobbies) and fresh game is a large part of our diet.

I think what I'm trying to get across is....before you say the stuff is dog droppings, try it properly prepared rather than eating something of questionable origin at Billy Joe's truck stop.

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Well where do I start? Here is a list of the delicacies that I have enjoyed.

1. Black Bear

2. Racoon

3. Shark

4. Rattle snake

5. Squirrel

6. Rabbit

7. An assortment of Catfish

8. Wild Turkey (was ok except for the shotgun shot)

Now when I was stationed in South Korea.

1. Rat

2. Dog

3. Squid

4. Eel

5. Octopus

6. Some kind of domesticated bird kind of like a chicken

All the Korean food was great,especially with a few beers.

And if you ever knew how rice was grown you would swear it of the menu (at least after you see it for yourself)

Will answer any questions,and welcome all comments on the above.


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