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Here's some pics of one I built a year or so ago, but just finished the WIP today. Revell 40 Ford business coupe. Chopped top, reworked trunk area, reshaped grille shell and headlight buckets. The interior panels scratch built to give the look of inner structural panels. Lots of scratch built details on engine, interior and chassis.


WIP: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=49399&st=0









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Thanks to you all for taking the time to follow the build on this car. Your interest is very much appreciated. Several comments show me that you've picked some of the details that are may favorites as well. Sometimes I think it would be great if I could build flat heads and interior panels and then call it done. This flat head ended up being number three of four in a row.

Now if I can get my rear in gear and finish up my Pontiac Catalina ...

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Coooool! More detailpics please - from that engine, door and weathering. Whats about the interieur?

The long wheelbase and stance i like most. Gives this "sweet" 40 Ford a very interesting touch. I had to look twice, wich base you choosed if it is not standing in the headline.

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