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71 Cuda, all aluminum hemi


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These parts do not look real at all, in fact, I will send you all my plastic hemi parts and take these off your hands ASAP!! Ha ha! Great work, you give guys like me hope that one day I will have a mill and lathe and can confidently make my own parts.

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I got the block milled to its final shape, I cut the radius for the tranny, this took some figuring! (for me at least) the tranny surface has to be square with the world of coarse and above it where the heads bolt on has to be offset a connecting rods width, not an easy cut, if you look closely there is a small notch on the left side of the radius, apparently the work had loosened in the vise and it just about junked the whole thing! but I am going to live with the notch, there is no way I am redoing this for that tiny spot!, you shouldn't even be able to see it once it is in the car (hopefully)!!IMG_1126-vi.jpg

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I have to agree with my friend Brian on this build. I love seeing the builds of you modelers with such great talent. Trouble is when I go back to my projects I think to myself " Why bother ? "

I used to think this too, then one night I was watching Norm Abram's 'New Yankee Workshop' and I realized that this man IS incredibly talented, but it occurred to me, "look at the tools this guy has at his disposal?!" I'm not saying that tools make the builder, but they certainly help. That's not to take away anything from the talented builders here at the forum who take the time to share their genius with us. Just remember, it's meant to be fun, 'progress, not perfection.

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