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i have been working on my diner for the upcoming car show. there are only nine of these diners. i changed mine a little . i chromed the front and back fixed everything in place inside the diner so i won't have to set anything up at the shows.it has interior lights but i added some outside lights. finally i changed the name on the diner to muddy flats diner like the junkyard.

here is a shot from inside the 59 chevy on the way to the diner.lo


just another angle


a few shots from outside looking in.





a view of the back. this is not yet done i still need to ad some things to it. you never know whats behind an old diner


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here is part 2. i have the diner that this was modeled after and i chose the colors for this one. it came with a few figures but i made a few customers for it as there are none.this is a night time scene it comes with interior lights but i thought it would be cool to have some outside lights.

a shot from a distance


a little closer


i forgot to show the interior with roof removed so here it is.



right side interior with lights on


left side interior with lights on


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Great job Manny. I've always wanted to do a cruise night diorama with a Diner... I've looked for an old rail car type building but yours is cool. You've definitely got lots of Diners in Jersey to get inspiration from.

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the diner is a combined effort by brian dunning of west coast precision diecast and myself. we got together to do this diner our way with our colors. there are only a few of these diners right now but we are trying to get the rest of them. they are made of resin and you assemble it and do the interior the way you like. it comes with booths four figures and a roll out parking lot. it comes pre painted i added chrome and painted the steps. i made the cakes and used some dollhouse items and added some fugures of my own. the phone booth as George said is by scale modeling by chris that i did my way. thanks for asking Harry

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