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1951 stude found behind a diner

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How do you achieve those dents in what must be a diecast body?

Model Cars #168 May/June 2012 has a feature by Manny that shows exactly how he creates his junkers, including how he creates dented and damaged body panels on diecasts.

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Exactly! Never mind the junker car, where did you get the diner and phone booth from?

the phone booth comes as a kit i will look for the seller and post it it is 24th / 25th scale. the diner is a pre production model in 24th scale that was done by myself and brian dunning of west coast precision models. he was going to have them made to sell but had problems with china so there are only 9 of them around. since they are pre production there are some issues with it like some parts don't fit right so i had to fix them.i can't sell these but if anyone is interested in one as a pre production model let me know and i will find out if any are left. last i heard there were 4 left. you can't get much more of a limited item than 9 total made.it is possible he may get the rest but that is doubtfull.there are more pictures of it in the diorama forum.below is the model that was used to copy this diner the silver diner is larger at about 37 inches long where as the red diner is 24 inches long from the ends of the awnings.


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Last time I was in Az, I found an old Stude coupe exactly like that at the bottom of a ravine. The property owner said I could have it if I'd pull it out. I was tempted, as it wasn't badly rusted, just beat to jell from rolling multiple times. Reason prevailed, as the restoration would probably take longer than I still have to live.

Very convincing techniques you have.

Cool diner project by the way. Do you have digital design files of it? Looks like a US injection molding company could produce it. Surely such a neat moidel could be expensive enough to justify limited US production.

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