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I'm Calling it Done


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For those of you who might have missed it, here's the under construction thread for this model:


And here's the "finished" model:



The paint is Testor's Model Master Classic White and Chevrolet Engine Red. The decals are from Slixx.


The hood is made from a piece of .010" Evergreen sheet as is the rear spoiler. The windshield and backglass are made from .005" Evergreen clear sheet mounted flush from the outside.


As always when I post these things I not only welcome critique and comments but I encourage them, so I'll start.

Overall I'm okay with the way it came out. I like the stance and the overall look but I'm also a little disappointed in a few things. I had to do some serious hacking and chopping on things that didn't show up until final assembly, so the model isn't as "clean" as it could be. Also, surprisingly, there's no room for front shock absorbers so the car has none. :wacko:

I still need a rear bumper, Modelhaus has them I just need to get my order in.

There's a lot that could be fixed and a lot more detailing could be added but I'm finished with it and that's why I titled this post "I'm Calling it Done"! :D

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Thanks Harry, like I said in the beginning of the build thread, there's not a sanctioning body in America that would approve it for late model competition and if you could get it approved you'd have to run a full steel body which would make the car too heavy to compete. Besides, would you really cut up a real '72 Dodge Challenger body with what they cost these days?

So you ask, what about running with a vintage group? Well, you might, but few of those groups really "race" so you'd just be running around out there and depending on the individual club, they might not like a modern, full race engine, four wheel disc brakes, etc. etc.

But as far as the looks cool part, well, that's the only reason I built it! :lol:

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Accurate, like something you'd actually see being raced. Not even close.

Cool looking, and looks like something there needs to be a class for, so you could see something like it being raced? Absolutely!

I have to say I'm not much into E-Body Mopars, but I really do like the way this one looks.

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