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Roadside Diner plans ?

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Hi Guys

Had an idea buzzing around in my head for a basic roadside diner building, mainly to use as a backdrop etc.

Has anybody got plans or something I can use as a guide ? Any info on what materials, thickness's etc to use would be a great help.


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There is a brilliant book called 'Roadside America'. Not sure whether it is still available, if not, try Abebooks or T.E. Warth. Heck, you can borrow my copy if you can't locate it anywhere else.

It is not your usual preserved diner photo album, depicting a romanticised America that never really existed, but rather a scholar piece targeted to architecture students. It covers all kinds of - well - roadside architecture, which started developping as soon as the motorcar came into being, to lure motorists off the road and make them spend some dough. It contains a lot of architectural drawings and floor plans for buildings from the turn of the century (the last one) until well into the Seventies. Lots of Streamline Moderne and Googie architecture. Highly recommended.

As for materials, that question can't be answered by anyone except yourself. Everyone has his personal preferences towards what he likes to work with, or what is best suited to replicate a certain structure or part. I followed a few of Ed's fabulous roadside model builds, but I could never work with the materials he uses (he is a lot more artistic than I am). I have also seen people working with a material called 'wood' - with astonishing results. All I can do with that stuff is set it on fire, and even trying that I often fail.

I'd check out shops that sell stuff for architecture models, and with a huge faculty in town, there is no shortage of them here. Dunno where exactly you are located, but Manchester is a true Paradise for architecture stuff.

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Thanks for the info Christian, and the offer of your book. Sounds like its full of ideas to get my head buzzing !

I'm in Kent & other than Hobby Craft, I'll have a search for others. Working for a building / decorating contractors helps for mdf etc.

Unfortunatly I'm limited to display space. Most of my models are in kitchen cupboard carcases in my garage, so only about 200mm deep x 600-1000mm. I have a bigger display unit in the dining room.

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The book is still available:


I'm sure you can find it cheaper if you shop carefully. Or order it from your local library.

Here is a used copy for example:


The 200mm deep will not work. Even if you only model the fa├žade as a relief, you wouldn't be able to park 1:25 cars in front of it.

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