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Grand Prix the Killer Years

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If you take a look at the cars from back then you have a understanding of why some things happend. That show

is great. Good to see cars and the racing from back in the day. To bad we lost drivers at to young of age.

To drive those cars as fast as they did required HUGE ____ (fill in the blank) It was the best times for innovation

and the worst times for safty. It's lucky we did not lose more drivers then we did. I love watching all forms of

Racing but F1 is my fav.


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I cought that to simply mind blow that era of racing.You really had to have a some you know whats to be a driver back then. There's another show that just aired a few months back on velocity. I can't remember the name but it was about, I think the 59 Lemons wreck. It was just as fascinating as the Grand Prix one. A must see if you liked the Grand Prix

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........."the Killer Years" ? What is this, sensational headlining like is so ridiculously prevalant everywhere today? " PEOPLE MAIMED, BLOOD RUNNING IN THE STREET>>>PICTURES AT 11:00 !!!!!!!!!!!" Racing STILL is dangerous, and has always been dangerous. Probably why so few actually DO it, and so many TALK about it.

You want to see cars that took REAL nads to drive? Look at the stuff from the 19teens, '20s, '30s and '40s. No rollbars, no collapsible steering columns, no seatbelts, no real helmets, no fire-suits. Drivers impaled on steering columns. Drivers thrown from cars and then crushed when the car fell on them. Drivers burned to death slowly when fuel tanks ruptured.

Yeah, the '60s and '70s were more dangerous than now as far as safety equipment and engineering of the cars, but the '60s -'70s cars were HUGELY safer than what went before, just as today's cars are hugely safer than the '60s-'70s, but there's STILL NO WAY to GUARANTEE survival from a sudden impact at 200mph.

And another thing to remember.....no one held a gun to the head of any driver and made him risk his life to live fully and intensely. Those who were killed in the sport died doing something they loved. I can't think of a better way to go.

THE KILLER YEARS !!!!!!!! OMG !!!!! OMG !!!!!!

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