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Revell BRE Datson 510


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I started this a long time ago and it begged me to restart. So i dug the parts out and had to hunt the hood and engine. The body was painted in testors racing white and itialian red. The inside was painted as best i could tell from some photos and the intructions. The red white and black just do not look good together.




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Lucky SOB's! I've been trying to get my hands on this kit for a while, but I'm too cheap to pay Ebay prices of $90+ for an open kit. I had to settle for an overpriced re-issue of the 510, less the BRE decals :( .

Looking forward to this build and I hope to use it as inspiration for my future 510 build.

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I had to paint the white square on the top of the roof.



I bet i taped that stupid square 15 times. I mesured it 27. It turned out good for my work. Im ready for some clear and some BMF. The decals are old and i am not going to risk clearing over them. They will go on very last and then under glass

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I like your Build of this Great Little Car!

I have always liked the 510, I actually owned two of them. I had a ball racing mine in SCCA, untill this Black and Silver one with P. L. N. as the drivers name on it and he won 11 0f the 14 Races in 1971!

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I built this one when the kit first came out and ( I believe) the car was still beating up on the competition at the time!

I'm not trying to hi jack your thread, but I know that the resources and research I had at the time, allowed me the opportunity to get the model built with the actual colors and as close to the real car as I could.

As you can see in the photos, the interior and engine compartment were painted a medium gloss grey, the roll cage gloss black and dashboard flat black. The whole undercarriage was also gloss medium grey with black suspension components except for the rear sway bar which was natural steel.

I hope these pictures will help you in your build.






Obviously, as this model was built sometime in the '70's, and it's now 40 years on, I can't absolutely guarantee the accuracy, but I hope it may provide you with some information for your build.



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there are a number of bre datsun 510s out on ebay right now that look to be going for way less than 90$, including one closing in 47 minutes, with a current bid of 24.99, but it is partially built (nice looking paint job and partial assembly).

and a review of completed listings reveals one sold for 29$, this being the reissue i have from a few years ago, though there is also one, possibly an original that went for 89$ and another for 49 on a buy it now basis. so it appears if you look around and want a builder (eg: reissue) you should be able to get one for under 40$.

i have a couple and want to build one of them soon along with the bre 240Z

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