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AMC Gremlin drag car is done !


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Gremlin is done. All in all this kit is not quite as bad as I had heard. Painted with bright yellow enamal with a high gloss clear over that. The UFO decals were made by me. Wheelie bars from the parts box. Rear spoiler is made from sheet plastic and is probably too large but I decided to go with it anyway. Thanks for looking and comments both pro and con are always welcome.


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Very kewl, Ray, very, verrrrrrrry kewl!

The spoiler may be a little over the top ... by itself ... but the whole car is over the top and the spoiler fits right in! It's an outrageous little package!

Great job, m'man!!

"Drag" that puppy out to the GoodGuys Southwest Nationals Model Car Show this November (in Scottsdale). The masses will love it!


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i personally would have shortened the metal"axle" rods and got the rears to look tucked in a bit (sorry for hijacking your thread but i have to use photos to explain)


those tires stuck out just like yours but i cut the rod and trimmed the wheel back stubs and they fit right in

love the car any ways and one question, are those leaf springs that are used for the wheelie bar?


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First off....very nice work!!! And I too agree....this kit, while not state of the art we expect today, it is far from the dog some claimed.

I built my Booth car the week the kit came out.


I was able to tuck the wheels and tires under the body by shortening the axle stubs on the wheels backs and a very slight trim of the rear axle. Up front I just tucked them in as there is no real front suspension. A cool little kit that I want to build more versions. The car did well in the IMSA Kelly Girl series and some famous modified drivers used Gremlin bodies too.

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