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Thanks Jim. The decals are pretty intimidating when you first dig into it, but they go down pretty good. I built the #22 Motul version a few years ago before I had heard of micro sol or set... Lets just say considering that, it doesn't look to bad!

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I've got 4 kits of that version waiting in the "to build" pile.I'm gonna try doing the decals without solvent on at least the first one.I've been able to place the little letter bits in the hood louvers on the Calsonic version and most of the outlined Peugeot lion on the 1999 version of the 206 without using solvent so I'm up for anything.

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I built the same, and I think maybe bright red paint would have worked better in the transition to decals for both of us!

Good job either way!

Here is mine.



I got a super detail set for mine.

Here you can see the paint to decal transition on the b pillar. I used the instruction call out. Next time I will use bright red.


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Thanks guys!

ZTony, your crazy bro! It took me 2 days with setting solutions! A hair drier does make things go a lot easier though.

Yeah flatliner, I think your right, the first one I did I used the tamiya Ferrari red, this time I used model master lacquers Ferrari red and it was even farther off, Model master lacquer Chrysler red matched pretty good, I used it for touching up a couple places where the decals didn't want to behave. Yours looks great, my biggest gripe with these kits is the lack of detail on the interior, but its not very visible, so I guess it's not a huge deal. They still build great!

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