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The "Funny Turbinecar" Showtime


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Hallo buddies,

once a time, i built a Phantom Turbinecar Stationwagon. Now, what to do with the original body out of the EZ-Build-Kit from JoHan? That was the question.

Today, i will present you my 10th(!) Turbinecar, named "Showtime".

A lot of kitbashing, scratchbuilding only little a bit, wiring, bmf and paintjob as always - ready to run :D

Here we go - have fun with the pictures.











stay tuned....

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...to take a look underneath the body:

Open up!




and a little bit closer:






The last picture outside in the sun, so you can take a better look to the colors (also the yellow-colored decals):


Thank you for your attention. Say what you think, goods or bads - comments always welcome.

Thank you John and Romell!

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This looks fantastic! It looks much better as "non Turbine version". Funny Car Frame fits nicely inside the body and I like the engine detail alot.

You gave me an interesting idea, I have one Turbine Car Gluebomb, which was going to be Custom, but since I don't have good chassis or interior for it......... ;):lol:

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Thank you everybody for kind words! i appreciate it.

For the basic i took the Revell "Avenger Funny Car" (Kit# 7652) that was not complete and reduced the frame about 1.3mm to get the correct wheelbase. Also i reduced the handlebars, fuellines.

The luck of the builder is, as the rear wheels that i bought from GMS-Customs :) are exactly as wide as the body, so that i had no work on the inside of body or make the rear axle narrow.

Your ideas, to build it as custom, hemi or anything else sounds good! Some more versions will follow, if i complete some other work on my bench ;)

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