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Revell '66 El Camino 2n1 "California Wheels"


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  • 4 weeks later...

One of the problems with the 66 ElCo when first released was that it was a "donut box" issue.

There was a lot of problem with damage and lost parts due to box failure when the weak box would split or crush if stacked too high on the shelves or treated roughly in the back room.

Same problem happened with the 41 Chevy and 46 Ford Woody as well and there may be others I've overlooked.

The 41 Chevy seems to have done well the 2nd time around, the 66 El Camino should do as well also.

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Any info on what they added to make it the California Wheels issue? From the box art pics I've seen I can't tell if they used the same wheels from the '66 Wagon or the TTII's from the rest of the series.


They added some flame decals and the big wheels/tires from the '66 wagon. Also there is a chrome aircleaner and valve covers like the wagon (I don't recall if the original El Camino issue had those). Otherwise, it's a straight reissue as far as I can tell.

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Too bad they didn't opt for the custom wheels from the '59 Corvette. Those are really nice!! I could use quite a few sets of those wheels.... I have plans for the first issue, with some five spoke wheels....

I'd like to see the '59 reissued, I could use a couple sets of those wheels also, and the FI unit.

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I picked one up at my LHS today and it appears to be a very nice kit all and all. I also wish they would have tooled up another set of wheels for it but since my original plans to narrow the rear-end and turn it into a weekend warrior drag car this isn't a big problem. The stock parts in the kit will be usefull in future stock replica builds as well.


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  • 3 weeks later...

This is the newly, re-released california wheels edition of the '66 El Camino....

it is pretty much a straight reissue from the previous release of this kit with a few notable exceptions.

the kit now includes the wheels, tires, disc brakes and chrome tree from the '66 Chevelle wagon(5 door handles!!!, but more on this later).

the kit is a very well detailed model, but I cannot comment on the buildup due to my original release still being boxed up in my closet stash.

the decal sheet contains disc brake detail, gauges and license plates, and also includes what appear to be very well done flame decals depicted on the box. The decals also include all scripts as well.

the model is molded in white styrene, thank god, and appears very well laid out in terms of detail. the firewall heater box, radiator support, oil filter, fuel pump, ignition coil, steering box, interior dome light, and heater hoses are all seperate peices and very well done. the rocker mldgs, door handles, and wiper arms are also seperate items and included on chrome tree.

the hood is the non-SS variety, for those of you who want to build a stock non-SS version, or kitbash to build a non-ss chevelle wagon, with factory hubcaps and small tires from original release included as well.

the interior is a platform style build that includes the aforementioned dome light, as well as seperate side panels, seperate chrome steering wheel horn ring, a very well molded seperate 4 speed console with tach, and a 2 peice dash that thankfully the dash pad is seperate.

the chassis/ suspension includes seperate full dual exhaust, seperate upper a-arms, and a typical revell 1-peice lower a-arm/engine crossmember assy.

the rear susp consists of 3 peice rear axle assy with the lower half containing the lower control arms , and the upper half bring the upper pumpkin, and a seperate rear diff cover, the shocks and rear sway bar are also seperate.

there does appear to be quite a bit of flash on the parts trees, but very little flash on the body, with very minimal mold seams. the flash on the parts trees is managable, but will require extra clean up time.

now, on to the chrome tree, which, is in my opinion, horrible!!! it it quite honestly the worst chrome plating job i have ever seen from a current revell kit in probably 10 years. the chrome appears to be crazed like someone has put too much paint on a model. since I have already started building the kit, I will attempt to get revell to supply a replacement chrome tree, and will keep the post updated as to the results. if I am unabble to obtain a replacement, I am going to rob my original issue kit of the chrome is better, or use the chrome as is if i cant, since I do not have an airbrush, and cannot spray alclad.

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the hood is the non-SS variety, for those of you who want to build a stock non-SS version, or kitbash to build a non-ss chevelle wagon, with factory hubcaps and small tires from original release included as well.

thats what i've been waiting for this release for!!! :mellow: i put a 66 wagon build on hold when i saw this kit was coming back out....

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  • 1 year later...

Just one comment to add. I bought the kit for the custom wheels, since they replicate American's 200-S ("Daisy" or "Coke bottles" by some) wheels, and I've never really found any good bi-scale kit source for these wheels. They are fairly decent looking wheels in 19" (front) and 20" (rear) scale diameters, but the real bummer is the out-of-scale bolt circle diameter which measures almost scale seven inches! The large center area also hurts the look of the spokes, making them look too short and chunky.

It's really a shame these aren't more accurate, 'cuz I would buy more just for an accurate set of large diameter American 200-S wheels. :(

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