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Aztec Warrior 1950 Ford custom Lowrider Pick up Finished Moved to Under Glass

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just a little update, fitting engine in bay with hydro tubes, was not easy had to remove some of the drivers side resin face, I did not mock it up very good during primer stage, but little adjustments never hurt anybody....
Decided to paint the vine to look more realistic.
Did not like the way the paint came out on the bottom of the bed, decided to use toothpics to fill it in the frame which will cover most of bed when installed.

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well another update, 1 step forward and 2 steps back, seems to be happening on this build, just found out that the paint has not cured on the cab yet as i was putting in the back window it messed up the clear coat a little bit and when i went to put a wash on the top layer of the bed and bed of the trailer foam i grabbed the red brown and not flat brown as you can see from the pics on of the trailer its redder than the rest of the foam i decided to respray and rewash to get the right tone. but heres where i am at now.....
finished the wink mirror for the cab....
and to cover up some rough paint in the cab and the adhesive for the window i put in the back of the cab did some tufted foam pieces...

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Thanks Lower99, yeah i need to take better photos of this thing, its almost done now, I have the trailer done, now the bed of the truck and as soon as i get it near 99% ill take it outside and get some good pics with a professional camera and not the camera on my phone, I never thought I would be saying I am almost done but I am almost done this weekend should do it if every thing goes right.

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Thanks Jason,

almost finished passenger side of cab....
finished bed of trailer.....
detail of hydro plumbing....
finished drivers side of cab....
was hoping to be able to put a finished stamp on this one but over my four day holiday to much other stuff came up, and i had a set back on the frame, i glued an ornament to the frame on both sides of the frame that interfered with the bed so had to pop em off and lost some brown took down to silver base coat, have to touch that up now. but getting there hopefully soon, not gonna put a time on it as I still have to finish scratch building the calipers, and hydro cylinders for the rear of frame, and a few other things so when its done its done, but almost there.

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