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Aztec Warrior 1950 Ford custom Lowrider Pick up Finished Moved to Under Glass

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Nice, thanks for sharing love em...... I always wanted to go to Germany!

That tiki bug is killer, and I love the other bugs too, I love vw's I have a stash of three 1/16th scale vws im waiting for just the right inspiration to start building them, that tiki bug is way to cool and giving me ideas for one of the big bugs...

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Another mock-up of the pickup and bed, getting there, it will look better when I get all the designs engraved in the foam and the foam painted for the tops of the bed, and some of the sides in the bed of the trailer are darker than other as they were not painted at the same time but I think overall when its complete and all the other pieces of bones and things I have planned for it are installed I think it will look ok. It looks a hell of a lot better when its in person and not on camera. A few more pieces and then I will concentrate on getting all the body work smoothed out and then finally get some color on the body. Then the foam pieces should pop rather good with the gold contrast.


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Thanks lower 99,

havent had a chance to work on it but did get the running board pieces glued together and ready for paint, and working on a real working knock off for the rims so I can show off the disk brakes and undercarriage work. Pics of that to come sometime..... have a lot of work so been busy at work....

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Any updates? ;)

I wish, this thing has been on hold, my work has me working 7 days a week straight thru to early december. I am close thou I have been working on the knock off, they will actually work on the front end so I can take off the front wheel and show more detail. then more body work, hinge the hood, and custom graphics, all most there.

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thank you, its gonna be hard to top this one but I have another one Ill try to top it with, the Egyptian Raider build. I have a ton of ideas and some started just no time, 7 days a week at work so hope to get some real updated mid december.

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