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New 1:1 Hot Wheels Camaro

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Its a Camaro SS, with ZL1- skirts( around 500.00 unpainted) lip, rims, etc. When I bought my 2011, the 5 spoke wheels/tires were almost 4k more of an option. The paint is limited to this car only.

too many complainers

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It's like everything else in life: It's worth exactly what it's worth to you. If the dealer won't sell it to you at the price you offer, don't buy it. Someone else will. Limited collector's edition cars always bring the customers running, and many of these cars will end up stashed in climate-controlled garages under car covers, never to be really enjoyed by their owners, waiting for their price to skyrocket in the collector's market in a couple of decades. Well, we all know what comes of that, what with 1976 Eldorado convertibles, 1978 Indy Pace Car and 1989 ZR-1 Corvettes!

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You have to expect to pay a premium for a special edition.... heck look how many Harley Davidson ford trucks are out there..... ckeck with a dealership about how much extra is is for that premium package, and im sure its 10k + , Not all people who buy a car like this treat is like that Jim, Given the opportunity, I may look into one of these, depending on the trade in value of my '11, and availablilty in Canada. Now being from Saskatchewan, Canada..... the car would be parked all winter, but thorougly enjoyed in the summer. As it is, in the past 2 summers I have only put 8,000km (5000 Miles) on my Camaro, due to working up north for 2 weeks at a time, and having a smaller commuter car for driving 7 hours to the airport.

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