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New paints and offer from Spaz Stix

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...including an unnecessary but happifying picture of a hot babe. When I created advertising for recreational boat clients, I could get away with showing lightly clad girls in bikinis. You don't wear parkas on a boat unless you're on an Alaska cruise.


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Appreciate the offer. Are your candies available in jars or rattle cans?

Not my offer. Just passing along the e-mail because I thought it would be of value. My experience is that Spaz Stix stuff is available both ways. Check out their website at spazstix.com

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My hobbytown usa has the spaztix candy colors andthe black and silver paints in aerosol cans. They also have a clear for their chrome paint. I played with their orange candy over silver on a project and wow. They also have chameleon colors in aerosol cans. Check em out. Also the prices per can were reasonable too. Just my two cents worth.

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