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I started this a while ago and decided to post what I have got so far here.

This is what I'm aiming for:


here is where I'm at now:



i have glued in the doors, removed all side trim, lengthened the roof and begun filling the door lines to make it a 4 door.

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Wow; That was my grandfathers car(orange & white) back in the late 50's & early 60's. As a little kid my grandfather would come and take me to school & pick me up. This is going to be an interest to me to see the build!

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Progressing nicely . Are you going to try to reshape the taillight area ? I'm trying to figure that out for a wagon I have in progress .

That would be the toughest part if for me if I were doing this! Reshaping the rear "gullwings" to a different angle, making a new decklid, new taillights, etc. :o

You're a braver man than I with this conversion!

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Thanks everyone. :)

I'm not sure about the tail light area yet I'm kinda avoiding that for now.

Here's how i did the roof:

an old build up:


i cut the roof away to make this:



Then cut a small section of the impala roof and added the other roof which was a bit longer than the piece i cut out (5 scale inches i think)



and then lots of sanding.

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An abitious project!! Thank you for sharing how you are making this conversion and I am sure that it will give others some ideas as to how to section and convert a model into something that they want. I am especislly interested at this point as to how you will convert the dash to right hand drive.. can you please share that process in detail? Thanks.. and nice work! Don;t give up on this one and again, thank you for sharing. :D:D:D

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Thanks Dominik and Gary.

Dominik - After taking what I needed from the junk 58 I couldn't help but play around with a set of rims at my desk at the time and it looked really good. I neatened it up a bit and a few spare parts and 70 GTS hood vents for the sides and there you have it. It was a lot better than what I was going to do with it (take parts that were good and parts box the rest).

Gary I will find the pics (if I have any) of the dash while I converted it.

I am currently working on the rear lights "gullwing" shape and making it to the Biscayne style.

I will have pics tomorrow.

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Thanks Samuel.

Ok I got the left light almost done.


I cut the centre piece out and then cut along the trunk line and put the pieces together.



I used epoxy putty to fill the gap and sanded it into shape.


I sanded away the trim and replaced it with metal wire.


I added a bit of putty underneath in case I sanded through it.

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It is still a bit rough but as you can see its getting there.

I also re painted the white wall inserts as they were looking a bit sad.



I've dot the side marked out and am ready to re scribe the door lines. I just need to get my hobby knife in the mail. (Im completely out of blades)

hope to have more soon.

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Thanks Dominik.

Gary i did find a few pics of the dash :

sorry for the poor quality but they are the only ones i had, you can see some of the lines where i cut it up.



Progress: I have 1 side almost done.

I got the door lines done:


The front guard gills:

The real thing and mine for a comparison.



Still needs work...

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Ok major progress:


I started with the pillar and window frame and cut it out from sheet styrene.


Got the door line for the pillar scribed and then glued it in and made the rear window divider from wire.


then i made the side trim from sheet styrene and metal wire.

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After a lot of rough sanding and removing excess glue its looking almost finished:




as you can see there is still a fair bit of sanding to do but this side is basicly done. after i have finished sanding this side i will start on the other side.

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