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Brute Force 71 Camaro

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This work was done yesterday and now I figure out how to post pics using a different program!

Yes I'm back on "Brute Force and doing the frame connecters and putting them in after Bob pointed that out to me at Columbus this weekend.

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Like the real car the motor area is a very tight fit, The LSX427 motor that is now sitting it it and ready to start being painted and put together. The block, heads and special valve covers was made from a 3d printer that I have and fits every thing real nice.


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valve cover bolts are added and front cover bolts. All done with the .25mm acorn nuts from R&B Motion. The rim centers are now painted and clear coated with the aluminum spinner cap.

Thank you every one for looking and thank you to Bill Davis and Mark Jones for keeping me going with there great builds!

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oil pan and trans pan bolted on and shows the drane plug bolt. The white parts are the duel coil packs, as it is one set of 4 for each side of the motor down by the motor mounts.

Here are the rims in there rings. The back two are one each of the polish and brush aluminum look. I have to get with Bob and see what one we are putting on the car

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