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Old50Olds 12/24 Interior and engine


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I made a hasty choice the other day, and deleted my own post. I have made an attempt to set things right and will start a new post for this build.





I have the final body color done and I'm very happy with it at this point. I'll post more as time allows.

I welcome your comments or questions about this build, thanks guys. James

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!An idea as simple as over/under headlights makes a huge difference!

The stacked headlights and bezels look great on this car/body style, with all of the existing rounded curves, and getting rid of the stock tail light bezel/rear fender splits(?) is a huge improvement, too. A perfect case of less is more.

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Thanks guys,

John, the stacks where made from EverGreen tube. I used the leather tool to flare them after thinning out the edge a little with a knife.

Yes that is a BBC from the Baldwin Motion Camaro kit, I did fill in the outer stripe on the roof and the head lights just seemed to fit.

They are from the Modified Stocker hauler kit. The idae was to simplify the body without making it look to much like a Chevy.

Thanks again for the comments.

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I love the subtle mods to the body, particularly the replacement of rear tail lights. The rear looks lighter and cleaner. The intake trumpets look outstanding. Did you heat the leather tool before you inserted it into the plastic tube? I have a doming block and punch tool that think I can use in the same way you used the leather tool. What size is the tube? The paint colors and application are stunning. What interior colors are you going to use?

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Not quite settled on the interior yet, but I think it will be light colors. Maybe white and gold?

No need to heat the punch. I take a little out of the inside of the tube with the point of the blade, then cut to length.

After that I stand the stubby on end and tap the tool with a light hammer. I only had one that split, but I did hit it to hard!

I used 3/32" tube, it's a little bigger than the metal stacks I have seen and that is the look I wanted. You could use any size.

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