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AMT Vantasy build............gone old plumber's van

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Welcome to my first forum on this site. I've built a hand full of model kits in my 32 years of life, from cars to tie fighters and x-wings to vans, vans, and more vans.

As an owner of my own custom van, I was thrilled to see the re-releases of the amt vantasy and the revell '77 chevy van, (have two in box). Trying to get them off ebay was getting old. Years ago, I built a custom model version of my real life van based on the 'custom chevy van', model as the platform and the 'brute force' model which was just kinda brutally ugly, I gave it all of the same accessories as my own. The mini me model was then built behind glass-plastic in the dash where the stock radio goes. You can see my whole blog in 'older posts' at pimpmyvan.blogspot.com

I cracked open my vantasy kit and have been plugging away at it in the evenings. I havn't built a model in 4 or 5 years and even longer since before that so I didn't want to rush this one. The truth is that I've been really, really enjoying the build and it's been a great winter time thing to do here in the Yukon since it's been -40 and freezing.

Having gone through my other van model, the '77 chevy van', I am using the plumbing van decals on my vantasy van and doing it up as an older, well loved contractor's van that is now for sale. There is plenty of surface rust on the underside of the van and some wear and tear generally all over it. I just recently learned of 'opening up your model' where you get the doors to open and decided that this 'old van' would be a great candidate to try it out on. So, this van has an opening driver's door, an opening hood, an opening rear passenger side door and a sliding side door. The hinges are not very suttle but I want to be able to see the inside of the van as I am putting some time in to it and it's interior. I'm also going to leave the engine cover off......it will likely be in the back of the van which I think is fitting as it is 'for sale'. Many old vans that are for sale have the engine cover off as people want to see what's under there in that ever so awkward location. ait for it....................................?..

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^^Thanks guys :)

Here are a few more pics :)


I did a head liner in the front. I'll have to get a better photo. It's white with many little holes, it's got that stock look to it.


Spare tire will be in the back. You can kind of see how I did the sliding door hinge.


Got the decals on last night.

My hinges are functional but not scale. I'm really ok with that for now as this was my first time doing it. For future van models, I think that I would only cut the side door out so that you can see inside the van. Plus, it's kind of nice to have a sweet chevy van parked with the side door open. I think I can get away with it on this 'old' van too but not with a nice looking van......which will likely be my next build.


The hitch and decals are from the revell '77 chevy van kit


Not quite done, still needs the parking lights and a few other little things....



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