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This is the third in a series of classic Scania’s. I have build two 80’s Scania 142 in the same color scheme based on classic Scandinavian design, and this build features a 90’s type 143 Streamline. This series was introduced late 80’s as the successor to the 2-series. The Streamline was the last version being more aerodynamic and fuel efficient. Being a very popular truck amongst truck enthusiast, the versions with the famous V8 engine are the most cherished ones.

This truck in Lego is a 1:13 V8 500hp version of the 143. I have tried to make it as detailed as possible following current trends in customizing this type of truck, as you see them on truckshows. It doesn’t carry the roofspoiler and sideskirts, but has an oldskool roofrack, and ladder. The big standing exhausts show American influences, where the side and chassis covers and are a truly Scandinavian feature originating from the 80’s but still very popular.

The interior is made in more modern style, with brown and tan trim, to replicate the custom leather interiors seen a lot these days. The truck is in 6x2 (six wheels – excluding the inside rears, two driven) trim, with a liftable second axle.

This model contains about 4000 Lego bricks, and uses a lot of classic parts like the old Technic 24x43 wheels which went out of production actually around the time the real truck went in production. For my standards there is only the necessary chrome applied, and the stickers I made myself. The chrome parts are as always electro-plated truly chromed bricks. The rear mudflap is 1 mm genuine rubber to give it a more real appeal.






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As I've stated, before, these are the most awesome static models I've ever seen anyone produce....I really admire your work, and this Scania is no exception...One of my favorite truck manufacturers....What else can I say...AWESOME!!!!

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