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Thanks everyone. This scallop job was a vision of Jim Hill at Pop's Garage. He gave me the idea, and helped me lay out a couple of the lines. I am hoping that he will let me do the paint work on some of his creations. As for the brand of tape, I just use 3M 2 inch masking tape, and take 2 really sharp hobby blades and tape them together with the tips really close for a finer line. I take a piece of the 2 inch tape about 1 foot long and stick it down to my cutting mat, and cut a bunch of strips. Keep at it, you will get the hang of it.

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Well Gents, here it is all buttoned up. Might end up swapping the wheels out later, but they are staying on there for now. 95% out of box, besides a scratch built super tall floor shifter, plug wires and a photoetch banjo steering wheel.





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Thanks alot guys. I am happy with it. I got some BMF and clear on it tonight. I am looking foreward to doing some more Larry Watson inspired customs this year.

Challenge accepted? :D


Your work is absolutely beautiful, Chris, and the masking is nothing short of amazing.

Which paints do you use?

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CHRIS!!! I need to pick your brain!! I can't find the How To on layitlow.com. I'm looking for tips and the process of how to paint like this. I mean these cars are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Do you paint the designs on first then just mask over them and paint the car the full main color?

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