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Palmer 1/32 '40 Ford Sedan - Has anyone built this?


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Going through my collection and came across this old kit. I think I purchased it about 10 years ago from a antique store. The kit is still in the original shrink wrap and is made by Palmer Plastics. I have read where these kits were not very accurate, and I was wondering if anyone has built this kit and would be willing to share pictures of the build?


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Ya know Scott, in all honesty, Palmer Plastics made some pretty nice little 32nd scale line of cars. This Ford is just one of many 32nd scale kits they made. All very nicely detailed as far as haveing nice accurate body lines an such. Too bad they never bothered to make their 25th scale cars anywhere near as nice!

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Their 1/32 scale 30's & 40's kits were nice. It was their slightly larger

60's & 70's cars that were terrible.

I have that Ford too.

It Is a Multi-piece body, and that issue likely does not have Chrome parts.

Tires are 2 piece styrene with the rims molded in place.

Axles are plastic, but any AMT/MPC/Revell metal one can be used. they are the same 1/16 inch diameter

Many of these were re-issued under Pyro, Life-Like (The HO Rail Road people) and Lindberg brand names.

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I have the "Happy Days" version of that kit, the only clear parts is the windshield/windows and there is no chrome, the wheels in this version snap onto the suspension (no axles), the upper body is 3 pieces (roof/hood plus 2 sides) and may be tricky to assemble and have it look good. As with most 1/32 kits, all chassis detail is molded in with the exception in this kit of the front axle and wishbone. Bare metal foil and some craft store rhinestone headlights will improve this model greatly.

practice of good basic modeling skills should yield a decent looking display model.

The AMT 1/32 version of this kit is much nicer in my opinion, has a 1 piece main body and chrome parts.

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What a fluke. I currently working on this kit although possibly an earlier release, mine has a 69 cent price tag on it and I originally started it at least 35 years ago. Mine also didn't come with any clear parts although the windows will be easy to do with thin clear plastic.

It appears to be fairly accurate so I suspect that their 32nd range was better designed then the large scale Palmers that we have all come to laugh at. As far as build problems, the multi part body has given me some problems with the joint lines on the sides of the hood constantly cracking and I've had to create all new drip edge from stretched sprue since the original was sanded off getting the body sides to fit the roof. The body has also ended up a little warped but I should be able to solve that problem with epoxy when I join it to the fender/chassis unit. I decided recently to either finish this long stalled kit or toss it out so I'm doing it up as a military vehicle. References have indicated that all WWII military cars were 4 door and the kit is a two door but I'm not going to be fussy.

This will be the first Palmer that I've built since my early teens when Palmer models were all I could afford to buy. LOL

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I have collected a few 1/32 kits from various makers (Aurora, Pyro, Life Like, Lindberg, AMT, MPC, Airfix, Revell, Monogram) and have this to say:

1. Most of the lindberg/pyro kits of cars earlier than 1949 have better details (even engines and separate tires) than the later model year kits, the 1949 ford and 1950 chevy kits just look wrong to me, too boxy.

2. The wheels/tires later Aurora kits are NOT 1/32 scale and the chassis/frames are very simplified (this seems to be the case on most 1/32 kits with the exception of the mid 80's run of 1/32 kits from Monogram).

3. If the hood isn't designed to open or be open, they're only going to give you the bottom half of an engine/transmission.

4. The "Brass" series from pyro was nicely done and makes great dress up goodies on other kitbash

5. Some of the later issue snap together kits can be improved greatly with other older lindberg/pyro kit parts but be prepared to make a few parts yourself

6. The V16 in one of my old pyro Cadillac kits just may get cast in resin so I can hot rod a few other "engineless" 1/32 kits

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The '40 sedan is not a Pyro kit, or a knockoff of one.  It's a knockoff of the AMT '40 sedan kit, with the body separated into three pieces (hood/cowl/roof/trunk, and two side panels).  It's noticeably larger than the other Palmer '40 Ford (convertible), also larger than the Pyro '40 Fords (coupe and convertible).

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