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Turning a Plymouth Prowler into a much better Roadster W.I.P.

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I've seen this kit and always laughed because the Prowler was such a bad idea. Your plan looks pretty neat though. Can I assume you'll be ditching the trailer?

:D Was the first thing into the garbage

Thanks for the encouragement and support guys!

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Didn't you here your phone ringing. It was Chysler, they need you to design there products.........


Question: what kit provided the front side cove and what filler are you using?

The side coves were created using the two halves from a Corvette Grand Sport hood I had in my parts bin, the rear quarter coves were from the tailights from the same Corvette body. The filler I am using is Bondo Pro Gold. (Great stuff, bonds amazing to plastic when sanded.)

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Thanks Kerry

I like the rims, what did they come off of?

Finally found something usable on a 1/24 Maisto "All Stars" Die cast Camaro. Believe me it was an uphill battle to find the right size. :blink:

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Ok, here is where I turn to you guys for some suggestions on paint colors.......been so worried about body work and such I haven't been able to rest on a color(s) yet. I have some HOK paint in stock here so that is a maybe (Kandy's include: Apple red, Pagan gold, Passion Purple Pearl, Tangerine, also have Planet Green Pearl.) Hmmmmmm....

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