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72 gto guybrush custom rat style


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hello to all friends of cut, file and of course fill and sand plastic models :D ...

today i start a new project it will be a 72 gto in guybrushs custom rat rod style with some new bodywork (i have no idea how the way goes i just build)

for the base i pick out the 72gto from mpc (its a horrible model bad quality and less details)

so i decide to make some unique out of it...

at first i cut the roof (make a el camino i love those cars) and the frontmask then i add some sheet

i change the hood with one of a 70 challenger and the grille comes from a 69 charger


thats it for today regards maik

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hello at all now there comes todays update...

i modeled the front and fill it then i presanded (cool it looks like a charger)

then i cut the rear bumper reduced it and integrated it to the body then i fill and presanded

at last i add the "regenrinne" (sorry i dont now the word in english) over the doors

tomorrow i will do a wetsanding and put some primer on it to see how it looks

thats it for today




regards maik

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Very organic - looks like it belongs together. From the side, the front fenders and hood dominate; the rear fender line seems low in comparison. Maybe its just the high rears of almost all current cars. Very good start.

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hello out there i got a little update...

i cut out the molded on front axle unit and replaced it with someoneone i found in my parts box (i think its from a 69 gto)

i also used another rear axle ...

then i build a engine out of everything i found in my parts box (because the orginal kit engine is a horrible mold)

i have no idea what kind of engine i build :D i just now its a hemi



regards maik

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