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Newbie [Brazil] - Renault Vivastella 32 | Rust Yellow Ball 1:24 - Finished!


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The good doctor has some compitition

Hehehehe... Thanks.

I watched this build and all I can say it WOW!!! I love it!!

Thanks man!

Looks awesome!! Very well built. Are the door panels Nescau seals?? Very clever!!

Thanks! Yes, the "Ninho" (milk powder) seals. Olá Túlio, são os lacres do leite Ninho. Legal, né?

seeing the build thread makes this even more whopw , really digging your style !!


Really nice !!


Newbie Renato? LOL!!!

Yes man! It's my second scale model! Seu traste! É sim... Não vem tumultuar! Hauhauhauhauhauha...

Great work!!!


Beautifully conceived, beautifully executed, and beautifully photographed, all in that style which is unicamente brasileiro! :)B)

Thank you very much!

Love it all, including the amazing scratch-building. Also, the photographs are very good.

Hello Master! Thank you very much!

nice finishes


Great details...

Thank you!

Renato, you are a great surprise to brazilian modeling!!! I cant wait to see more of your work... Congrats! Super model!!!!

Thanks Drags! I'll try (always) exceed expectations! Vamos em frente, meu velho! Abração! :D

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