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69' Nova


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Well here is my first WIP in over 25 years. Like the title says its the 69' Nova. I am building it box stock. I hope to build it something like the one my Grandma had when I was younger. I think her's was a 72' but the body style seems to be the same on the 69'. The one thing I want to try to do is a faux sunroof. It was a soft top sunroof. I am going to try to find some pics of it this weekend.


And so it begins


Engine work


Small mock up


This was my first time trying to use embossing powder, it didn't go as well as planned. I think my spray glue was to cold, it did not spray right, kind of bubbly so when I coated the floor it made humps. After it dried I peeled the lumps and coated it again. It didn't turn out like I wanted so I gave it a lite wash coat of flat black in a few places that didn't turn out well. That helped a lot. At least I am learning again. Next time I will make sure my glue is warm before I spray.



Starting to add a few details



Thats all for now. Next will be more details and mock ups. All comments, suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for looking.

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Those canopy sunroofs are rare . I know that Chrysler used them for the 1971-1972 Duster and Demon ; I've seen two Buick Skylarks with the same roof as the pictured Nova ; and , I *think* that FoMoCo may've used them as well .

I believe that these canopy roofs were installed by "ASC" (American Sunroof Corporation) and-or "C&C" (Cars & Concepts) , both in the Detroit area .

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No updates today. It took me 2.5 hours to get home from work which is only 12 miles away. Oh well what are you gonna do. Eric, don't get to excited, I might just make it closed since we never opened the sunroof when my Grandma had her Nova. I will think on it and if I can think of a way to design it so it actually works I will give it a go.

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Hey Rob,

It is a very nice kit, not much flash, parts fit well etc.. The "special edition" tag is because of new tooling and the optional parts to build either the race version or the stock version. After not building for 25 years this kit has been a lot of fun to build. I might pick up another one to build the race version.

So with that said, yes pick one up you will enjoy this kit.

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I'll 2nd that, this is a great kit, and the COPO version is pretty good to though it doesn't have some of the race parts the Special Edition has, it does have sweet dog dish hubcaps, bench seat and a big block. Either way you can't miss with a Revell Nova.

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If you want to do it shut, the part from the Polar Lights "Herbie" would be excellent...flatten it with a little heat and it oughta fit like a glove.

To do an open version, I used MCG self-stick vinyl top material on the '56 beetle I did for my friends(a replica of their real sunroof '56):


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I am pretty sure that I am going to do it shut. Making it open is a little bit out of my skill level just yet. I am going to make a "frame" for the top and cover it somehow. Another reason I am going to do it shut is because, like Jimmy said, they leaked like a sieve. I only remember us having it open once or twice and every time it would rain hard it would leak bad. Thanks for looking.

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As has been said the Canopy Sunroof was an option on the '72 model year only. Shortly after a friend of mine bought one new he hit a deer with his. The way he tells it he hit the deer square in the middle of the front end to the deer's side taking it's legs out then pitching it onto the hood then up the windshield, he thought that he was going to get away with minor damage. Until the deer dropped head first through the canopy wedging itself sort of into the front and back seats, appearing to be dead on impact he was able to pull off the road to survey the damage. It was a good thing as the deer came to life trashing the passenger and back seats with it's sharp hooves before sucumbing to it's injuries. The Canopy didn't leak before the deer incident, but it sure did after it.

You might be able to find something close either on a 1/24 - 1/25th scale Classic Mini Cooper a 1/32nd scale might be just about the right size and it would be pretty flat so you wouldn't have to modify it for the Nova's roof contour. I've seen some cheaper 1/32nd scale diecast Mini's with the sliding sunroof, worth a look.

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