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Hot Rod Engines, where to find online?

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Could anyone tell me some good websites where I might find some drag race engines, wheels, and tires. I can only find modelexpress.net. I don't want to pay twenty dollars for an engine. I usually just buy top fuel kits and bash them out but these are getting harder to find lately. Also, this is an awesome forum I just found it the other day and already am learning more and getting ideas for what Iwant to do. Thanks Christian

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There are several excellent websites to find the pics your looking for. www.outlawracing.com has some excellent photos of some of the best looking (close to stock appearing) drag cars you will ever see. They base the rules around Stock Appearance and they are also limited to 10.5W or a true 10.5 tire depending on the class (they also have a class that runs DOT legal drag radials) The Cars are extremely fast!!!! You can also find numerous pics at www.dragracingonline.com. For what your looking for though I'd say one of the best websites you could look at for ref. matierials of engines is a racing classifieds website where they sell everything from motors only to complete drag cars. The name of this website is www.racingjunk.com you can browse all the stuff they have up for sale and almost every add has good quality pics. Just click on the engines section and then click on the sub section under drag racing and you should be fixed right up. I hope these help out some. Most of the sites I listed will also have a links page to tons of other pages you can check out. There's so many links for your subject of interest it would be hard to list even a 10th of them here, but these should be a really good start.


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I just scored 2 Ford 427 parts packs on evil bay for 9.95 inc shipping Found the links in this forum.As for other sources check out Ross Gibson Engines Great quality doesn't come cheap though! Comp Resin also sells wheels, slicks, blowers etc..through many dealers. I use Slixx.

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