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1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe birthday present.

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I built this 1940 Ford Coupe for my local Fedex driver. He is going to give it to his father in law who is turning 85 this month & who is in the process of building a 1:1 40 Ford coupe. Paint is the exact color he is using...2011 Honda Pewter grey & the rims are what he has for his Ford. Hope you enjoy.








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Nicely done. Wouldn't mind having a real one that looks that good.

It's funny you say that. Ford has commisioned a company to produce the 1940 Ford coupe, to exact spec's with upgraded drive train ( is the new 500 bwhp 5.0 litre good enough?) And obviously 4 wheel disc brakes, and all sorts of New age hi technology, no flatheads for this one, unless you want one. I think Dynacorn(?) is builing them for Ford. They are the same company making the first gen Camaro and Challengers. Check out the link here...


Beautiful build by the way, looks just as good, if not better than my Danbury Mint '39.

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This is really nice.... greetings from a Portland native and fellow Corvette owner / lover...

These old AMT 40's are the best!!!!! You did a great job!!!

(Lot's of friends in St. Helens!!!)


Bill (Duntov)

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