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I finally got my hydro painted, been a long time waiting. Viper snake skin green, custom carbon fiber side boards. I haven't decided on a # yet, I'll probably go with a vinyl cut out.

Nothing to exciting, just wanted to show it off.





Thanks for looking.

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Very cool; how big is the hydro? I currently have a 1970's Dumas 46" hydro in the shop....it's getting prepped to accept a 1957 McCoy Dyna-jet pulse jet engine.....I also plan to do basic paint colors; then use mylar graphics over the top....Very nice hydroplane you have there.............Matt

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The O.S. is pretty reliable to run....My 36" shovelnose hydro is fitted with an O.S. .40. Brushless seems nuch easier to keep and run for sure...and make a lot less noise (lol). I hope you take a video and post when you run the boat.................Matt

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Thanks guys !

Video will come for sure, hoping to get some windless days in the next few weeks to drop her in.

Dave, that tube is hooked to a hallow passage in the rudder, that pushes water to the head as the boat is moving forward, it cools the head and exits the boat just behind the left sponson.

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