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Well it seems it's easier to start a new project than finish old ones. Anyways I bought a Fiat 500 kit made by Tamiya, which had been started a little, a few parts were painted but nothing was glued. Straight away I knew I will not use other than the body and small body parts from this kit since I remember still one Altered that was built from Fiat 500 on Finnish Model Car Forum...

After some planning, I decided to start with the Frame from AMT Double Dragster's Fiat Topolino. It fits nicely, only a little cutting and it will be just the way I want. Of course the plan is to fit the tires outside bodyline, and front tires won't be on the original place once they are done. Engine, I've planned, will be Early Hemi with Blower. I'm planning to go with '60s vibe on this one. The frame will be scratchbuilt, since I will build the Fiat Topolino also from that AMT Kit, but the frame will be used as a basis. Now there are no real axles, only plastic tubes that connect those tires together, tires and wheels may change as the build goes on, now I just threw the first ones I found for a little Mock Up.

I'm trying to build this one as nice as I can, and it will probably take some time, but I'm open to ideas and suggestions, as always. ;)

This is the Base Kit.


My MockUp:




...Hope to have some of the Frame work done tomorrow.

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Thanks for the comments fellas!

Ray: That's the plan. But I'm not sure if I will make it, but it depends on how I get the engine installed and stuff like that. The body is even smaller than I thought!

Here is the build that inspired me:


I got some more done. I took a few important measures of the Double Dragster kit frame, and some styrene tubing. It didn't take very long and I had the basis of the Frame on my hands. Then I did a few cuts to the body, to make the frame sit a little lower....Channeled? Next I will need to find good Rear Axle for this build and then I must build mounts for it. After that I can build a floor to the frame.


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Thanks Ray and yes, when that was being built, I thought already then that the frame should be a little longer. Now I can do whatever I want on mine :D !

I enlarged the Rear Wheel Openings using my Dremel. It really looks much better like this, thanks for the guy who suggested me this thing on Vintage Drag Models Forum. New stance is a bit higher too than it was before, that looks much better too. Now I will move on to the suspension parts, in front and rear.


Those Rear Wheel Openings still need some work to get them round, now they are just roughly opened to see that the stance works like this.

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Thanks Joe, Darryl, Carl and Chris! I appreciate your kind comments. Especially Joe's cool and unique builds inspire me to try something else than Stockers. B)

I took a Dana 60 Rear Axle from my parts box and started to make Ladder Bars from sheet Aluminium. Now I have another one completed, and next one will be done tomorrow. Then I can start test fitting this thing really and see if I have to change anything to get the rear end sitting where I want to. Front Axle needs to be built too, of course. A little adjustments with the Ladder Bar is needed before it passes the inspection, but..... :D





Thanks For Lookin' In.

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Before moving on to another Ladder Bar, I had to start building the engine and to see if I have to modify something to get it fit right. A friend suggested me to use 409 Chevy on this one and, well, I couldn't say no. This is just perfect place for one Chevy W-Block. It spent one day in paint removing liquids and then it was almost like new. I scratchbuilt the Engine Mounts from Styrene and then I test fitted the engine on its place. It fits perfectly, only thing I have to do is saw a little part of the body away (In front of the Windshield opening) to get the Hilborn Fuel Injection Stacks fit. I made the Fuel Lines from each injector stack to center of the Manifold where is that collector part. I will run a single fuel line from there later.

If I can saw the body today, I might have a couple of more pictures today, but in case I don't, here you go....






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Alright just a couple of pictures, I saw part of the body away to get Hilborns fit properly and it's starting to look like an engine now. All I need is to scratchbuild Leaf Springs to front, since after searching for more than one hour I came up with nothing. I know I have them somewhere, but I'll probably find them after I have scratchbuilt my own. :lol:




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Thanks Ray!

I hope to get a leaf spring done for the front end today. I will go with one spring that is fitted like in those Ford Model A's. When I have that one done, I can scratchbuild the Front Axle from brass.

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This project looks very cool! There was nothin wrong in that early hemi but that 409 with Hilborn fuel injection fits perfectly to this build. Also very nice work with chassis and ladder bars. I'll be watching this project closely. B)

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Thanks, Chris, Matti and Darryl! I really appreciate your kind comments. Thanks! The 409 is much better than Hemi I guess. I like seeing different engine combinations, so that's why it is a great idea. Also because I'm 409 Fan, that makes sense too. B)

Well I scratchbuilt the Front Axle from styrene tubing. It is a very simple straight tube just like in the Early Gassers. That Leaf Spring is taken from old Corvette rear axle. I scratchbuilt the spindles that connect those wheels and the axle from sheet silver and brass. Here are a few pictures of a Mock Up which shows what the final stance will be. Now I will move on and build another Ladder Bar and then I need to make some steering linkages etc for the Front Axle too.





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