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2003 Ford Focus SVT/Saleen Update: 07/13/14


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Ok, for the Tuner guys and Ford Purists at heart. You have been warned that this car isn't for the faint of heart! LoL This car is being build as part of a CBP at another forum.

I started with a 2003 Ford Focus SVT and I've gone completely nutz on it. It will have a RG Alley Rat 502 engine Mid Ship and mated to a Porsche 914 Transmission. I've completely hacked the rear of the interior deck out of this car and scratched up my own frame rails. It's going to get interesting so buckle up and hold on!

What I'm starting with:


What I've done:




I might change the rails as they seem a tad bit tall and might interfere with a few things that are going into this build. Enjoy! B)

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Thanx for the compliments everyone! This build has been fun so far! The first post was done roughly 4 or 5 days ago. So let me share what I've gotten done yesterday. This build only gets better every time I make something. So let's get going.

First I made an adapter plate to mount the Porsche 914 Transmission to the 502 Block. I added a few bolt heads to give it some detail.


Next I noticed something was missing from the Porsche's transmission. Then it hit me. Transmission mounts. So I fabbed up a decent resemblance of it to go between the main body and the rear cap.



Then I mocked everything up once I got the engine, trans, etc glued together. I made mounts so that the engine will have something to hold it in place. You can see in this pic I fixed the frame rails in the rear. Now I have something to mount the suspension to. Hehe


Then I moved along to the hood. I needed more cooling capacity for the radiator. So I cut a hole in the hood, made a new louver set and I'm happy with that progress.



Continued: ............

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More mug shots of the hood. This time the underside.



Then I moved my attention to the front ex-engine compartment. I fabbed up a floor for the gas tank to sit on and next I'll be working on getting to fixing that nub of a brake master cylinder.



And when the day was done. I did some mock up shots of everything and called it a night.




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Mate!... my kind of build although the rear wing is a little small. Hah!!

How about a front end like Loeb's Pike Peak Pug

What induction system & wheels are you looking at?

Be watching


As far as induction. It's going to be a Reverse Intake Twin Turbo Set up! Not much room up front near the glass divider for the upper intake to fit the right way around. I've done a similar style set up on a 1:1 1989 Acura Integra w/ a Twin Turbo 400 stuffed in the rear. So it's been tested and worked! LoL

Ok. It's not much of an update but it's something. I got the firewall made and this will explain why I'm going to "Reverse" the upper intake for this set up. I also go the divider glass made out of a F-Series Ford Rear Window with the "Slider" option. This was daunting cause if I would have screwed up. I would have looked for something else. Its still rough and needs a few things added but it's getting there.

Firewall and Glass Divider:




Enjoy and Thanx everyone for the comments! B)

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Ok, I had a small hiccup when it came to the firewall and engine! In an act of excitement I forgot one li'l factor, The alternator! :blink: So I had to rip apart the old firewall and rebuild a new one. I have to say the new one provides tons more room but I had to mod the console again (see previous post to see the difference) but I like it. ;)




This is a comparison shot of the Unmodified Focus Tub (Left) and OuttaFocus' Modified Tub (Right).


Enjoy! B)

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this is cool.. may i ask where you got the rims in the first picture the on with the h and the arrow? id like to get some with the h for my civic build

The rims are actually Hot, Cold, and Water Flow Shower Caps that goes in the middle of Shower knobs. I found them in a Hardware store on clearance and snatched them up. Going to be "Spun Aluminum" looking when done. I'm one to find something odd and have to use it in a build. LoL Thanx for the compliments guys. Its very much appreciated. B)

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Ok. I have a small update! It's one step forwards and three steps back as it always is with scratchbuilding a car from something that was originally intended one way but being changed to something else.

The headers are made and seen here with part of the "Turbo Hook Up" system. Made from solder and sprue, it'll work and won't be seen much once I get the Turbos scratched up. You can also see I took a piece of a partial chassis and remade the rear end and wheel tubs. I might still have to flair out the wheel arches as the tires might stick out some. Also filled in where I cut the "seat attachment" bumps in the interior tub.




I also got the gas tank sorted and made a "drop in" section where the tank will sit. I did this after I added some styrene to the bottom of the tank to fill it in made it too tall and it hit the louvers in the hood.



I also did a test and took a spare rear window and cut some louvers or "slots" in the glass to give the rear compartment of the car some cooling capacity for the big block engine.


After doing all this, especially with "re-adding" the rear segment of the frame, I noticed the engine is now too far forward. So once everything is dried good and tight I will have to redo the transmission mounts and move them back to re-centre the axel points in the transmission with the wheel tubs. Like my mother and I's favorite saying. "One more thing... " LoL

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  • 5 months later...

Ok, After doing some searching within myself I'm back on this project! This one is proving challenging, inspiring, and fun! Well I've sorted the wheels, suspension, and some of the body mods needed. The more I build this car, the more it talks of what needs to be done! So on to the pics.

The stance will be close to the way its mocked up. The rear flares I made from the body segments of a scrap body. The tires are stock but I took some scrap rims to make the Polished Lips you see on them.



Rear Body Shot showing how wide the rear rubber is and the reason for the "flares."


And one of the tires off the car.



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Ok, after getting life in order, a big move out of the way, unpacking, and getting a bench set up now at the kitchen table ....... I'm building once again. Still haven't found all my files, but I'm sure I will once I go through the model stuff once again.

Ok, here's where we are headed on the Focus SVT/Saleen. I was trying to figure out a way of getting more air into the rear of the car especially to the intake (they need air to breathe too. LoL). I looked at the wasted acreage of glass that pretty much is a viewing window for the massive engine in the rear. So I took some extra windows and made some smaller ones out of them. To fill up the rear space I made some vents using .030 Styerene sheet and rod. Sanded it at an angle, tweeked this and that way and here we go.

Stock Windows:


Window Comparison in size:


And the vent with window next to stock glass:


And the vent and glass in the car:



So with that sorted I moved to the interior. I added the front drop bars and the seat belt anchor bar:


To keep from blowing out the windows from the roar of the engine I figured out where to place the muffler. I'm still working on the exhaust pipes:


And lastly I fixed the front rims where the polished lips are going to sit on the rims. This way neither the rear of the rim nor the polished lip was sticking out causing interuptions of mounting them in the lowered from suspension:



Till next time chaps! I'll be back soon with more updates.

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