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1937 Mercedes-Benz L 10000 Scratchbuilt 1/24

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regarding their racers and road cars it often recedes into the background that Mercedes is the world's oldest and (still?) largest truck manufacturer. Among many of their interesting designs the 1937 L 10000 is outstanding. To my mind it is the most atractive and most impressive Mercedes truck ever made. In 1937 it looked like this (photos by courtesy of Daimler-Benz AG/ Daimler AG):




Unfortunately no original vehicle has survived. Only a O 10000, i. e. a bus, equipped as a rolling post office of the pre-war German Reichspost, is displayed at the fantastic new Mercedes museum in Stuttgart since the museum opening.


Compiling information for a scratchbuild was unsufficient for years, but the Mercedes museum archives were extremely helpful. They sent me lots of photos and photostats with most measurements absolutely free. However all original scale drawings had been lost during WW2, hence a lot of drawing, arithmetics and eyeballing was necessary.

The model is completely scratchbuilt except the rims (modified Revell parts), the headlights and the Mercedes star on top of the radiator. In 2005 I spent more than 1000 hours building it.

This is the result:






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Extraordinary design and a beautiful replica! Another one of yours that should be in the Mercedes museum.

I missed this originally during my summer hiatus, but glad it was bumped. My goodness this is dedication to the craft, and great skill. I was thinking the same thing, they should display your faithful replica. Great work!

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Thanks to the few who were interested.

Jürgen, I hope you don't get disheartened by the limited response some of your incredible models attract on this site - I guess some of your subject matter is a little obscure outside the German-speaking world.

But I'm sure that it's immediately clear to all those who have seen your work that you are definitely one of the world's premier automotive modelers and I really hope you continue to post everything you build here.

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Jürgen, I hope you don't get disheartened by the limited response some of your incredible models attract on this site - I guess some of your subject matter is a little obscure outside the German-speaking world.

Agreed. A lot of members here are into muscle cars, drag racing, street rods, that sort of thing... they have no interest in a model like this. But I assure you that there also are members here who love to see this sort of work, especially when it's done to such a level of craftsmanship. Keep posting. Don't count the number of replies to your posts as a commentary on your work. Remember that those of us who are interested in this sort of model may be fewer in number, but we're here.

The subjects I build aren't exactly popular with most of the people here, but that doesn't stop me from posting them for those members who do like to see something besides muscle cars and drag cars. You also need to keep on posting!

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Thanks for all further comments.

Peter, you really make me blush.

Peter, Harry, thanks for your encouraging words.

I joined the MCM Forum in May and it took quite a while to realize that it does not work like the European forums I knew before. Indeed, when I wrote the quoted sentence I was still amazed (among other things) that response depends mainly on the interest in the 1:1 vehicle and less on the expectation of seeing a good or poor model.

In the meantime, however, I learned that there seems to be a more or less impermeable dividing line between the various fields of interest in car modeling. My personal field of interest, i. e. building historically correct models, is obviously shared only by a minority of members, but I also learned that these members are really interested and that the skills and the historic expertise of these modelers are often excellent.

More than that I realized that topics of all members have little response whenever the 1:1 vehicle or even the scale is not mainstream.

Knowing this I am quite happy here and I enjoy the peaceful athmosphere. I am afraid you have to bear my German English for the future.

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