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i had some post cards made up of some of my junkyard vehicles and some of the yard.they were a little expensive but i think they were worth it. they are a very high quality card with a glossy front and it is a regular post card on the reverse that you can put a stamp on and mail.they also make other things like business cards and Christmas cards if wou want.the co. that did them is different than most as it can put a different picture on each card if you want. i had them do about four to six of each as i want to try to sell some to make up for the cost and maybe make a dollar or two to cover the cost of my supplies for the junkers altho i will most likely give most of them away.lol also they were done and shipped very fast and victor helped me through the process step by step.for anyone interested here is the link. i will take a few pictures of them soon.


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The price doesn't actually seem too high at a cursory glance, unless additional fees are tacked on that I didn't see. Basically $1 a card plus Priority Shipping at $9.75, so $2 a card for 10, $1.50 for 20, etc.

Curious though - if you supply the photos, why not just print your own? That could be done for anywhere from 30 - 45 cents per card conservatively, counting quality paper and printer ink. Two-sided printing is simple enough and seems much more reasonable, especially if you want to offer some for sale.

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