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Hi, all.

I'm "Uncle Mike", not new to much of anything but this great board! My bud Don Graham sent me a posting and I had to join in!

We are in the Central California (Merced, 60 miles North of Fresno) area, and are hangers-on of the infamous "Yosemite Area Model Car Ass'n", or "YAMCA".

The 'Uncle Mike' handle is one that was hung on me years ago for much of my assistance to fellow hot rodders and Drag Racers in the San Jose area (1960-1985) [they would be heard to say'I got a rich uncle']

My model building began in 1953 with the Revell Highway Pioneers series, in 1/32 scale. I built everything from the Renault Town Car to the Stanley Steamer. When the 69-cent Hot Rod was released (same series) I built it, then about 5 more, all different. Finally, I bashed one with the Highway Pioneers 1920 Center-Door Model T Ford sedan...Chopped 7 scale inches with a hot needle, same hot needle removed the hood, bobbed the rear fenders, and stuffed that flathead V8 in there, along with the hot rod axles, and the Big & Littles.

My buddies were building too, and came up with some cool stuff...They all recognized my butchered Center Door Sedan as the Art Chrisman "Torrid '29 Tudor", as coined in Hot Rod Magazine.

Around '56, Norm Grabowski built a T-bucket and it was featured in Hot Rod. I cut up a Renault Town Car body to make a '22 T bucket, mating the body to the 69-cent Hot Rod rails and upholstered seat.

The '56 Revell El Dorado gave up its Cadillac engine, and the rest was done by hand, with Pactra

'Namel! Firewall and pickup tarp were cut from a playing card, with the "7 of Clubs" marque on the tarp. My buddies said it was "Real Zorch!", 'cuz that was THE new word then, man...we were 14, and way cool... Har, har...

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Uncle Mike,

Welcome to the MCM forum. You'll find this a great place to hang out with a lot of talented builders to exchange ideas with. These guys are more than willing to help out with tips to do pretty much anything you can imagine. One of the rules is that you have to post here with both your first and last name. Just put your names in the signature box, found in the "My Controls section of the board. It seems to cut out all of the ###### you see on some other boards. Great idea for using a playing card for a tonneau cover. I could visualize it as soon as I read it. :lol:

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