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Jeep Wrangler Brute update 9/1

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Yes it is another rubicon kit. But this one is different.

First off here is what a brute looks like.


I Started with the body and chopped it up


I then built the bed from scratch.



I then built up the back of the cab from sheet styrene, The roof started out as a cj 7 roof but i cut it up to fit.



This is where I am now, I need to build up the doors to match the 1:1. I would also like to open the hood and throw an engine in there. But if I do that then I might as well Scratch build the frame.
Does anyone have recommendations on size of styrene for the chassis?

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Thanks for all the kind words everyone!

I finally got some more done with this one.

I cut the top half of the doors off of the revell cj 7 and made them fit.


I built up a roll cage, I might add more support bars later.



I lengthened the kit frame to match the new wheelbase.



Next up will be to prime the body and make the suspension.

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