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What was the very first thing you bought on eBay? And what year?

Tom Geiger

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Member since May 13, 2009

A Friend ask me to get him something off of Ebay.

Sure, little request for a friend.

It went well and then I found something I wanted.

Then it just SnowBalled.

231 Trans-actions and only one bad deal.My Fault, didn't look at the pics good enough.. I just assumed everything was there.

Ya now what happens when you Assume.

You make an As(s) out of U and Me. :)

I'd say that is pretty good odds.. :D

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My memory is terrible from pain meds. But, I can remember the first kit I bought on the 'bay. It was the Monogram F-150 High Roller sometime in '07. I still have it and I still haven't built it!

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Mine was in 2002, I remember being skeptical so I started small I got a good deal on a bagged 82ish mpc mustang. After that was completed I recognized the potential for being able to find all those vintage kits that I couldn't find locally. Later I learned patience will get me that old kit for the right price.

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I don't remember what the first thing I purchased was, but I remember that I was in a hotel room after being Best Man in my best friend's wedding. Back in 1998 before I had a laptop, and WiFi was ubiquitous, this hotel had a little computer "terminal" (flat screen monitor and keyboard with touchpad) mounted into the wall as a desk. I'm not a drinker and my significant other at the time couldn't/wouldn't come all the way to Philadelphia (from Cleveland at the time), so I was bored and wide awake at 1:00am so I figured I'd look up this whole "eBay" thing.

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