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Yellow is not really my thing


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Since i have been waiting for parts for my other projects and got overwhelmed by boredom i started a new kit.

It`s the Nash Bridges Cuda from Revell. I`m not sure why but yellow was never a favorite color of mine,it kinda

mess up the lines of cars and make chrome "disappear". So i went for a blue metallic,since it`s not meant to

look like any factory option or 100% stock i thought no harm would be done except for maby anoying the purist.

This is my first time with BMF,and omg what a nightmare and the result there after (more to do) :P

I want to keep this clean and simple,and got steelies with dogdish in the same color as the car.

Not sure how to lower it but i`m working on it. Engine will be stock,and i thought i give it a shot

on try wire it for the first time,and i hope it`s a little more easy then this BMF stuff. Also it will get

white interiour and white hemi decals on rear panels. Hopefully it will look good.

Comments are welcome. Here are some crappy pics,only have my phone so.








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Nice start Tommy! To lower the front, simply cut the spindles loose from the suspension with a razor saw, move them up where you want them and glue them back on. On the rear, cut the shackles off of the rear of the springs and check your ride height. If you need more, cut the rearend loose from the springs and add blocks between the springs and rearend.

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Thank you guys. Slow progress,spindles are now cut and hopefully it will lean a tiny bit for the stance i was looking for. Just discovered a little problem with the steelies,they seem to be 14",and the kit tires must be 15",maby someone know if it`s original with 15" alloys? Not a big problem other then trying to find

time correct tires i can use 14" wheels in. Other than this,just some mock up with engine,the tub (Not painted).

It needs more detailing and painting,grill,dashbord,engine,and the rear panel should be flat black. Not to happy with the

the paint shine. Is it okay to put a layer of clear after the BMF is put on?

Anyone to recomend a drill for making holes in the distributor for plug-wires?

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Couple more of progress with the engine and stuff,BMF around the rear panel. I messed up the wood trim around the shifter,also the shifter handle is not painted. Lession for next build would be to try learn how to make spark plug covers. But,i`m sort of okay with how it is since its my first time with wire and detail on the engine. The radiator hose is Scale Production,the heater hose i dont remember,but i think i fondle to much with it because most of the pattern is gone.




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Wanted steelies with it but i`m getting unsure if i can find decent tires for it. The original alu`s are 15"

The steelies are 14",and i tested out with tires from the 69 Charger,but they look a lot smaller as for

the whole circle :unsure:

I`ll take a pic so you see later.

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