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What are 60's mustang's notch back or coupe differences ?

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It'sa completely different style. The 64/66 were a tad smaller,bodywise. More squared off vertical sides. For 68 they got a little bigger and wider. The sides now had that nice little rounded buldge that allowed the quarter scoop to be much more prominent. The grilles are larger on the 67/8, and the rear taillight valance panel is angled deeply inward and out again, the 64/66 's is perfectly flat. There are subtle differences but they ARE TWO completely different styles. Inner panels and chassis MAY interchange, but they are two different styles.

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Easiest way to see the differences would be to visit CJ Pony Parts or a similar website and look through their restoration catalog, or have one sent to you for free. There's isn't much that will transfer well from a 64-66 to a 67-68 aside from the drivetrain and floor mats..

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Well, to ME, when addressing the subject of notchback and coupe, there was no difference. The three styles were notchback coupe, fastback coupe and convertible. they stayed that way till the mid 70's when the Mustang II came out with the hatchback fastback coupe thingie. at least that's how I see it, but hey, I'm just me.

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I believe the OP is using notchback and coupe as interchangeable terms to describe the same style car. Ford made a hardtop and a fastback. I think both qualify as coupes.

EDIT: OOPs...And a convertible...


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FYI - FoMoCo designated them 2 Dr. Hardtops from 1965 up to and including 1978. When the new "FOX" body was introduced (1979-93), they where officially designated 2Dr Sedan. The term coupe officially began with the introduction of the SN 95 platform in 1994. The terms coupe, notch, notch back and trunk are common lexicon and interchangeable for this body style but not technically "correct".





As always, this is my opinion. Yours may differ.

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