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Bandit Resins 1971 Chevelle Heavy Chevy - October 21 update

Marc @ MPC Motorsports

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I haven't posted anything here in ages, because I haven't been building for ages. I recently found some time to resume this wonderful hobby and rather than finish one of my WIP's, I started another project in true Modeler's ADD fashion. This build began with a Bandit Resin 1971 Chevelle. I provided Bandit with the master for this resin kit, including a flat hood and a front bumper and grille that does not have an SS emblem. The body is a repop of the original AMT 1971 Chevelle annual and can use an AMT 1970 or 1972 Chevelle to build. Bandit's offering also includes a rear bumper that is missing the SS emblem. That bumper was found in the AMT 1971 Chevelle annual.DSCN0734-vi.jpgI removed the SS trim from the body, including the wheel opening moldings, then slammed the stance over a set of big and little Rally wheels I got from Steven "Z-Man" Zimmerman. The hood is from an MPC SSlasher Chevelle.

DSCN1905-vi.jpgHere it is in primer with the wheels painted.

DSCN1906-vi.jpgHere it is shortly after the first stage of painting was completed. Decanted Testors Citrus Yellow Metallic.

DSCN1918-vi.jpgI applied the Heavy Chevy graphics courtesy of Fred Cady then cleared with decanted Testors Wet Look Clear.

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Since the Heavy Chevy was a budget muscle and probably one of the first of the "decal" muscle cars of the 1970's, I felt it needed a bench seat. I purchased the Revell 1969 Nova COPO and modified the seats to fit the AMT Chevelle's interior tub. While I was at it, I robbed a Revell 1969 Camaro door panels of its window cranks and arm rests and enhanced the door panel trim with a strip of Evergreen styrene.

DSCN1927-vi.jpgThe Tamiya XF-26 Deep Green is the color for the interior and the Ken's Fuzzy Fur got mixed with some black and dark grey to match.


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I have this kit also, and haven't started it as of yet. Yours looks great, can't wait to see it finished! My plan for mine is to build a replica of my sister's 71 Malibu Sport Coupe, that my Dad bought her for her graduation from school in 1971. It was Sandalwood with a light beige interior and dark brown vinyl roof. My only issues are going to be doing the double white stripe tires and the standard full wheel covers...

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Awesome work! Really curious to know how you modified the front and rear seats from the Nova to fit the Velle interior tub. I need to do a 72 with a bench seat.

I used some Tamiya 6mm tape and removed a section with a razor saw. Reattached the parts with Ambroid Pro Weld and used Gunze Mr. Dissolved Putty to fill in some minor gaps. Did this on both the front and rear seats. Had to use a sanding stick to sand down the sides of the rear seat cushion to fit between the arm rests. I may have taken a bit off the bottom of the rear seat but I don't remember now. I did remove another 2-3mm off the bottom of the front seat. If you make clean cuts, the parts mate back almost perfect.

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