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Lindberg Rammunition Monster Truck (Ready pic page 2)

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Some time ago I made a start with this box.

This is the second monster truck and the idea is to add some details :D


I made a fuel rails with pipes on the blower.

Original version:


Here with my creation ;)



I added some "hydraulic lines" to the front axle, the rear will look the same.


The body is painted black and clear is on.


The engine now looks like this.


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Last weekend I decided to move on with this one and made some progress.

The decals are on the body, I had to cut them in the body corners because they don't melt with the Micro SOL and SET.

There is now a tiny edge horizontal and vertical but i will fill this with paint and then it will get the final clear.


Made some hydraulic lines in the driver compartment.


First layer of paint on the wheels, I ordered 1:25 air valve's but i will not use them on this one,

They are so small they look like dust :D


Start with the rest off the parts.


Seatbelts for the driver B)


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It is, its making me crazy :(

First I ordered the red seat-belts (second post), when received I found out they are to short because the seat is on a frame.

Ok,that can happen so I ordered others from Hobby Design.

Now I got the next challenge :wacko:

First you have cut piece A than bend the corners at the dotted line, so far so good

Next thing is cut piece B and bend the ends, then move it in the tiny holes at C in piece A....... this does not fit, even without bending it does not fit. My smallest drill is 0,5mm and this is even bigger than the bend corner part.

Then I found the other problem, the belts does not fit the clips D.... the belts are to wide, I tried sanding them but its very difficult to hold them


I seriously don't understand why they sell this stuff if it doesn't fit at all :huh: Might skip this idea and use the belts for the another detail in the truck. :)

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hmm thats sad .. but whell now you know never to buy them anymore ..

they do look quit handy to me , would be great to use as like industrial looking things on rod bodys or like hinges (non working)

the other parts can be like vents or .. maybe you can even use them on a engine in some sort ..

just trow them in the partsbox they may come in handy some day

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