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74 GTX "Panic Tang" Updated photos

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Ok, I wasn't sure being that this is part of a community build on here if we could/should show these in the WIP zone.

Anyway, this started life as a 74 GTX Shirley Mouldowney funny car. The initial red part of the body was hacked by a good friend of mine that lost interest and I bought it. Since then it's taken on a few changes. 70 Cuda nose and hood, 74 Cuda funny car tail section and soon to be front fenders. Viper GTS chassis and drive train, 59 Impala dash board.

The nose




Crank driven blower


Here's where it is now with Pantera wheels, it'll be a lot lower when done.





Front fenders going on it...


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I don't know if this is allowed in the WIP zone either, but I'm glad you put it here. It's too hard to follow each build in a community build thread since each build is not identified in the relevant posts and the builds get all jumbled.

Sharp build - I'll be watching.

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You might could save some front engine compartment room by mounting the blower case DIRECTLY to the front of the Crankshaft, instead of useing the forward pulley mounts on the blower. This would give you ALOT of extra room, and I personally, have never seen a front mounted blower installed in that manner.They usually are mounted directly to the FRONT of the engine block itself.

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Pantera GTS I believe.

Yes they are....

Awesome build so far, and is that a Stray Cats sticker I see in the 5th picture (side view)? Great band!

No other band than the Kats!!!!!!! Rock-A-Billy rules!!!

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Thank you all for the comments. I worked on this about a year ago and started to lose interest, then the community build came up and I thought ding ding, here we go!!!!!

As for the mount for the blower, it's not done yet. Just sitting there for mock up. This is mostly how all the old school blowers were crank driven and kind of the look I'm going after...


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Ok, here is what I've been working on. Not much visually. Air scoops in rear quarter/window opening for rear brakes. Interior and chassis, went from snap together chassis to a glue kit unit. Building in fire wall right now. I will be re working the nose and eliminating the lower marker lights. Black lines on door are where new door lines will be.






And now my newest dilema, I want to have the car look low. I'm deciding if I should alter the body sides or put on side pipes. I don't think this will look right with the Viper pipes on it though. What do you all think???? They will be up a bit higher on the body.


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