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Chip Foose 1964 Chevy Impala

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Started this kit last night, didn't like the rims that came with it so I bought some new ones. I will be two toning the car with Model Master Deep pearlescent purple and tamiya gunmetal gray once I get an air compressor for my air brush. Anyways onto the pictures of the model.


The kit.


The body in black primer


The rims I'm going to be using sine I don't like the stock ones

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Came across a delima, as I was going through my spare parts I found some other rims I forgot I had, maybe you can help me out and give me some feed back on what rims to use.

Rim choice #1


Rim choice #2


Foose rims


Stock rims


Sorry it took so long to post but here it is.

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Ashley. Does the camera you are using have a macro setting? It's usually designated with little flower symbol on most cameras. On most phones that have it, it's in the focus mode selector. This will help you take much better shots close up.

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I think using more light would help with photo quality. It looks like the iPod touch's camera doesn't do too well with low light. Make sure you have an overhead light and a light that is front of the model.

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