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'71 Plymouth Barracuda Pro Stock.


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I bought this exactly two years ago as a Glue Bomb. Pictures of the starting point can be seen Here.

So it is Jo-Han's Sox & Martin kit, which I decided to build as a Pro Stocker that could run in Nostalgia Events nowadays. First I took the whole thing apart and stripped the paint. The actual building process started from the engine, where I filled the metal axle hole in the engine block. After that I painted and assembled the engine. Those Spark Plug Wires were a real pain, since I've never liked making them and now I had to install 16 wires! Carburetors are original Jo-Han parts, but I drilled out the Carburetor Throats (?) and added the Nozzles (?). The carburetor linkage is built with Detail Masters' Photo Etch parts and metal wire.

For the Chassis, I added a separate Front Axle system from my Parts Box. It fit with some cutting and slicing. Wheelie bars were added, too, as well as brake and fuel lines. Otherwise it's Box Stock.

When I glued the engine on place, I built the fuel lines. They were done with Pro Tech Braided Line (Great stuff!). Those fittings were built from plastic tubing. Fuel Pressure Regulators were also scratchbuilt.

The body needed some work before paint. I glued front and rear panels on place and smoothed the seams. Same thing with the Two-Piece Scoop. The hood pins were removed and later on I installed Photo Etch parts there. Paint is straight from a spray can and same thing with the clear coat. After those, I polished the body, but when I was removing masking tape from the body after polish, part of the clear coat came off just over the Hemi Decal. Luckily decal didn't damage, though.

Windows are sheet plastic and I had to modify the rear bumber to make it fit. I added some length on the sides of it so it would match the body better. The chute is from Lindberg's '64 Dodge and I detailed it as well as I could. Also the Chromed Headlights were painted to make them look a bit more realistic.

Well here are the pics.


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Thanks Guys! It means a lot. At some points this build was a tough one, and at some points it fought a bit back, but it feels good to have it finished and of course it's a great bonus if other people like it too. :)

Now I got started with Jo-Han '61 Oldsmobile that will be a Custom, but I might try to finish my '62 Impala Super Stocker, too.

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Thanks for the kind words fellas! I really appreciate the comments. :)

I'm happy how it turned out, too, even though it's not perfect, but still I like it. The engine detailing took lots of time, but at the end it was worth it, even if the parts are not perfect either. I'm really glad you guys like it too.

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Thats a great job Niko, you have improved immensly since your first builds posted here and you're still pretty young. You'll be whipping all our butts soon especially if you keep knocking out builds like this. Glue bombs are way harder to do than a nice new kit imho, so keep it up :)

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Thanks Brett and Darryl! The kind words do mean a lot. :)

Brett you're right that my build quality has improved a lot since I joined here. The tips and tricks that I've found here, and from other forums, too but mainly in here has helped me a lot. Also it's great that we have such a nice people that if I don't get something and ask, I'll get just the information I need. You're right that Glue Bombs take a bit more effort to build, but I've always thought that it is possible to turn a real glue bomb into a nice looking model. :)

I really appreciate the kind comments from you all. It means a lot when such a talented builders say that I did a good work. Of course constructive criticism is very highly appreciated, too.

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