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I don’t think there are a lot of people interested in monster trucks on this forum but I will share this one anyway ;)
Personally I’m a big fan of these mighty machines and that’s why I build this one and added some details.

The box is from Lindberg and based on the Rammunition truck, I don’t think the scale is exactly what it should be (too big) but still lot of fun to build.

Added custom details:

Drilled the distributor and added sparkplug wires

Custom made fuel rails with injectors and lines on the blower

Resin hose joints on the front and rear axles and added hydraulic lines for power steering

Resin hose joints to the hydraulic pomp on the blower with all the lines to the axles

Hydraulic lines from the driver stick and steering pump

Breather hoses from the valve covers.

Resin hose joints with fuel lines from the tank to the engine and gauges

Photo etched 6 point seatbelt

Stockcar fuel inlet on the tank and BMF belts.

A few extra decals on the chassis and interior

Paint used:

Vallejo Air for about everything

Tamiya red for the rims (Brush)

Zero 2K clear for body

You can find the build of this one here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=79757&st=0&p=1017112

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great pics! great trucks! love the truck atopthe other trucks tires! Bravo! this has motivated me to want to go get my "weird ohs" dodge monster truck and get going on that nw I have some reference photos thanks to your great build!! Great Job!

Thanks Daniel, you should start it. These truck are so much fun to build, almost everything fits perfectly.

Have fun and dont forget to post the pictures :lol:

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Great detail. What diameter of wire are you using for the hydraulics hoses?

Thanks Kevin, I tried different types of cables and small hoses but the thing that worked the best for me was 0.8mm shrink tube.

I could have this easy and kind of cheap (1 dollar, 1 meter) and its exactly the color that I wanted to have, other thing I liked about this is the text on the hoses. Its difficult to see on the pictures but its there, just a tiny detail like on real hydraulic hoses.

I put the blank metal wire (see pic below) that I used for the injector lines in the shrink tube and shrunk it down for 0.3mm with a lighter and took the wire out.


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I'm planning on building a couple of those kits along with an AMT ERTL Jurassic Attack kit. I want add all the wiring to my kits but I've had trouble finding decent reference photos of the engine wiring and other areas. Your kits are awesome looking. May I use them as reference photos and can u tell me your info source

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Hi all, thanks for the credits I appreciate the nice words :D
Jim I got one of the old Bigfoot's too, first I need to complete the ones in progress before I open the next.
Corey, if you search on google you should be able to find pictures for the hydraulics and engine wiring. I had a site with reference pictures but I cannot find it anymore.
The Jurassic is cool, only the decals are very difficult to get on i've been told.
I build the Amt NInja Turtle end last year, you can find the build topic here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=81823&p=1069337
There are some hoses on the engine from the box, and I added the spark plug wires, check halfway the page. This engine is the same as the one in the Jurassic.
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