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This is not really a W.I.P. but more of a "what's already done" since I've been working on his for about a month .

It's almost completely out of the box except for some modified and scratchbuilt parts .

I started by modifying the suspension to lower the ride height about 1/8th inch all the way around and I added working steering . The calipers & rotors are Pegasus that were filed down to a smaller diameter . I scratchbuilt the pedal assembly with dual master cylinders .


Here's the body in primer with side pods I made first with modeling clay and then cast in resin . The railing around the rear is brass rod and tubing . I also thinned the windshield frame to look more realistic .



And finally I made a roll cage with styrene rod and used some Corvette seats from my parts box . Wheels and tires also are from the parts box .




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The body was painted with Duplicolor Royal Blue and Duplicolor Clear .


The chassis was also painted Royal Blue . I added brake lines with solder and some braided lines to the calipers .


Power is the kit engine with some carbs from my parts box . I made the intakes out of tubing and added linkage and fuel lines . I also made the oil filter and dipstick . The distributor is from M.A.D.


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This is the finished engine . The exhaust was made using styrene rod and the ends from some paint brushes . The belt guard is a piece of splatter screen ( used for frying ) wrapped with a strip of aluminum from a soda can . Air filters were shaped from rectangular styrene .




And here's the finished chassis with the engine installed . I added the clutch and throttle cables , also a fuel line , halfshafts , and parking brake cables . It won't be seen once the body is on but it's fun to do !




And that's where I'm at ! Comments and suggestions are welcomed . If you would have done something different let me know !

Today I'll start putting all the goodies on the body and I'll post the finished photos Under Glass .

Thanks for looking !

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Very nice detail Bob with all the custom and personal touches. Love those crome extentions/tips..

Thanks Carl !

I ruined a few figuring out how to get the paint brushes apart !

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Very nice, all of it. All the mods look spot-on, and really improve the look of the model way beyond as-kitted.

Thank you Bill , I appreciate it .

Nice thing about this kit is the details don't have to be perfect to look good !

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Hi there just curious if the exhaust has clearance issues?

The exhaust clears just fine but wider tires might not work .

Actually there is a clearance problem with the air filters I made , gonna have to do some surgery ! :blink:

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