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AMT '71 Duster 340 paint questions (factory stock)

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Another consideration ; if you want a truly authentic underbelly , don't forget to spray the wheelwells , chassis-side of the Shear Panels (colloq. , "inner fender wells") , and at least half of the grille-side of the core support (from the bottom-up) , in a satin black .

Even cars which didn't receive factory undercoating had those aforementioned areas "blacked-out" . Only exceptions / exclusions were factory-produced race cars (e.g. , 1967 Super Stock Coronet and Belvedere) and cars painted dark colours ( TX9 Black , GB7 Blue , GF8 Green , etc.).

My F8 Green car still had Wheel well, and Rad blackouts.

Just thought I would mention that, When I started cleaning the underside, I found body color overspray on the outside of the rear frame rails and almost to the Transmission tunnel, As the others have Said, it almost depends on each car it's self because no two line workers did their jobs exactly the same or uniform.


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Thanks for that shot Shad, very cool, will help with detailing rear end.

Lee, thanks for the info, I've got the driveshaft painted steel.

The question I have now concerns the ' over spray ' on the bottom. I haven't been able to find any pics online yet.

Should I paint the over spray 'after' the suspension is together? Or, was the body painted 'before' the suspension was assembled? With just the chassis in place?


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The body shell would have been dipped and primed then sprayed before the suspension and drivetrain components installed- picture a body shell on a jig coming down the line and getting sprayed with paint- anything on the underbody would have a full coat of primer- any body color would be overspray so would mainly show up on the lowest parts and facing outwards. Areas like the wheelwells, bottoms of the rockers and the core support visible through the grille were then blacked out over the body color with flat paint and/or factory undercoating

On the AMT Duster you would paint the underside of the chassis with the front "frame rails" piece your primer/overspray/undercoated finish without the suspension installed. The front "K" member would have been installed later so should be detailed as a separate piece in semi- black

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